In Memory


We have received word of the recent passing of these Laurentians, and extend our condolences to their families and friends. Memorial notices for those for whom we receive a published obituary will appear in the "In Memory" section of the St. Lawrence University magazine.

If you would like to report the recent death of a Laurentian, please email a copy of the obituary or a link to the obituary to Shayla Snyder Witherell '11 at

In Memory
Primary Addressee
Bob Ackerman '74
Bart Ackerson '55, P'83
Douglas Aldrich '55
Harry Aldrich '64
Howard Amann '68
Jean Rugen Anderson '49
Thomas Angell '65
John Angelo '63
Susan Ingraham Ashley '75
Lou Cole Attarian '52, P'80, GP'21
Robert Avery '59
Lee Baier '59
Robert Balfour '58
Harry Balmer '49, P'70
Gretchen Barnes '84
Bobbie Barrand '48
Jodie Eastman Bashore '43
Sherman Baumel '52
Joane Weller Beardsley '49
Phyllis Judge Becker '52
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