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Sol Feinstone Award for Humanitarian Service
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Alumni Citations

2014 Alumni Citation Honorands
Nancy Current Martin '64
Cynthia Arcate '77
Ned Breslin '88
Ken Okoth '01 (Sol Feinstone Award)

2013 Alumni Citation Honorands
Lennelle Dougherty McKinnon '58
Nancy Mott Frank '67 (Sol Feinstone Award)
Tony Ross '75
Christine Koski '79

2012 Alumni Citation Honorands
Stanley Macdonald '65
Ken Jock '79
Anne Harrington '82
Dana Capozzella '87
Ruth Carling Budlong '58 (Sol Feinstone Award)

2011 Alumni Citation Honorands
Bell Herndon '47
Pris Harvey Schroeder '56
Trudy Hall '77
Susan Aasen '80
Kathryn Mayer '82 (Sol Feinstone Award)

2010 Alumni Citation Honorands

Elisabeth Ehret '56 and David '56 Beebe
Major General Russell Czerw '83
Judith Wakhungu '83
Kevin Szott '86
Kathleen Perkins Colson '79 (Sol Feinstone Award)


The Alumni Citation Program was suspended for the 2009 Reunion so we could celebrate the final reunion of President and Mrs. Sullivan as campus leaders.

2008 Alumni Citation Honorands
William C. "Willie" Janeway '85
Barbara L. Philipp '75
Susan A. Talve '75
Sanford F. "Sandy" Schram '71

2007 Alumni Citation Honorands
Martha Root Peterson '62
Dr. Edward "Ted" Higgins '71
John P. Loughlin '79
David J. Miller '81

In recognition of the University's Sesquicentennial, we invited all past Alumni Citation recipients to return to campus at Reunion. No new awards were given.

2005 Alumni Citation Honorands
Frederick Zito '47
David Thompson '54
Donald Gratz '55
Daniel Bisaccio '76

2004 Alumni Citation Honorands
Varick Chittenden '63
Donald Rose '64
Dean Eppler '74
Kelly Spooner Zinna '87

2003 Alumni Citation Honorands
Gregory Carman '58
John Van De Water '61
Judith Howe '72
Susan Lyndsey '78

2002 Alumni Citation Honorands
Peter Griswold '52
Kevin Arquit '75
Betsy Bernard '77
John T. Major '77

2001 Alumni Citation Honorands
Gerald Benjamin '65
Daniel Berggren '71
Andrew Ewing '79
Rose-Alma McDonald M '79

Established: 1949
Awarded by: The Board of Trustees
Criteria: Alumni Citations are awarded to graduates of the University for long-term and exemplary service to the University or for exemplary professional accomplishment or community volunteer activities.
Eligibility: All graduates of St. Lawrence University. University employees are not eligible.
Selection process: Nominations are solicited annually by the Membership and Honors Committee of the Alumni Executive Council. Nominations may come from alumni, from members of the campus community or from friends or family members of nominees. Self-nominations are not accepted. The Membership and Honors Committee selects a slate of three to five candidates that represents as much diversity of gender, age, and profession as possible. Special attention is given to candidates who will celebrate their Reunion during the year in which they are honored. The slate of candidates is forwarded to the Honors Committee of the Board of Trustees. If approved by the Honors Committee, the slate is presented to the full Board of Trustees for a vote of approval. Nomination materials should include a letter of nomination and any supporting documentation available.
Opportunity for presentation: Generally, alumni citations are awarded at Reunion.
Staff liaison: Lisa Cania, VP for Community and Employee Relations

Sol Feinstone Award for Humanitarian Service
2014 recipient:  Ken Okoth '01
2013 recipient:  Nancy Mott Frank '67
2012 recipient:  Ruth Carling Budlong '58
2011 Recipient: Kathryn Mayer '82
2010: Recipient: Kathleen Perkins Colson '79
2009: No new awards were given.
2008 Recipient: Nellie Coakley M'85
2007 Recipient: Lindsay Carroll Farrell '79
2006: No new awards were given.
2005 Recipient: Joseph Lekuton '91, M'94
2004 Recipient: Dr. Robert Daly '54
2003 Recipient: Dr. Thomas Carey '67
2002 Recipient: Dr. Jeffrey Meilman '65
2001 Recipient: Joseph Norton '41

Established: 1978
Awarded by: The Board of Trustees
Criteria: The Feinstone Award is presented to a graduate who, through devotion of his or her resources or personal effort, has demonstrated deep commitment to the advancement of the freedom of people to pursue and attain personal, professional and economic freedom.
Eligibility: All graduates of the University are eligible for the Feinstone Award. Employees or non-graduates are ineligible. Self-nominations are not accepted.
Selection process: Nominations are solicited annually by the Membership and Honors Committee of the Alumni Executive Council. The Membership and Honors Committee, which is comprised of members who represent each Council cluster, recommends a finalist to the Honors Committee of the Board of Trustees. Following approval by this committee, the credentials of the finalist are presented to the full Board of Trustees for its vote of approval.
Opportunity for presentation: The Feinstone Award generally is awarded at Reunion.
Staff liaison: Lisa Cania, VP for Community and Employee Relations

St. Lawrence University Athletic Hall of Fame
Please visit the Athletics Site for inductees

Established: 1979
Awarded by: St. Lawrence University
Criteria: The Athletic Hall of Fame honors former student-athletes and coaches for their outstanding contributions to St. Lawrence athletics while contributing to the welfare of their community, their profession or their alma mater and in doing so, reflect the philosophy of a liberal arts education and the ideals of sportsmanship. In addition, outstanding teams whose records of achievement have brought honor to the University and its programs shall be honored by induction in the Teams of Fame section of the Hall of Fame area.
Eligibility: Alumni who participated in varsity athletic competition while pursuing a St. Lawrence degree and who completed their St. Lawrence athletic career at least 10 years prior to the year of election. Further, a non-alumnus coach or athletic administrator whose distinguished record or contribution to St. Lawrence athletics shall be eligible five years after the date of employment by the University has ended. Retirement shall be considered an exception to the five-year waiting period. Finally a team which has 1) won a national championship or placed second in a recognized NCAA sport; 2)has completed an undefeated season; or 3) has otherwise brought recognition and honor to the University by its significant achievement may be recognized as a Team of Fame.
Selection process: Nominations are accepted at any time, self-nominations are not accepted. The selection committee consists of the Director of Athletics; Director of Sports Information; Director of Alumni and Parent Programs; one graduate elected by the committee itself and two members of the coaching staff, one from men's sports and one from women's sports, appointed by the Director of Athletics. At least three but not more than eight members of the Hall of Fame are elected each year. Special attention shall be given to balancing eras represented as well as to the variety of sports represented. A deceased alumnus may be elected to the Hall of Fame. No one shall be elected who has brought popular disrepute to the University or to his/her field of endeavor.
Opportunity for presentation: Designated Hall of Fame Weekend each year
Staff liaison: Margie Strait, Director of Athletics

Volunteers of the Year

Program Suspended

Saints Network: Colorado Saints Network: Cima Pillsbury '98, Betsy Maloney Kolber '78, Elizabeth Solomon Hubbard '87, Rachel Lockhart Stevens '93
Admissions: Beth Bozzone Wyckoff '85
Career Services: Don Stuart '77
Fundraising: John Hitchcock '52

Saints Network -- Nick Amigone '71
Development -- Judy and Mel Diegor P'01
Admissions -- George Renzi '86
Career Planning -- Jim Nealy '70

Established: 1997
Awarded by: The Alumni Association Executive Council
Criteria: Alumni or parent volunteers who have had exemplary service in the areas of development, admissions, career planning or alumni programming, with special attention given to the last academic year and consideration given to long-term service.
Eligibility: Any alumnus or parent who volunteers for St. Lawrence University in the areas of development, admissions, career planning, or alumni programming is eligible for this award. Employees of the University are not eligible.
Selection process: Staff managers nominate up to three candidates for each category. Their nominations will explain how each candidate has offered exemplary volunteer service to the University over the past academic year. The Membership and Honors Committee of the Alumni Executive Council will review the nominations and select a finalist for each category.
Opportunity for presentation: Laurentian Leadership Weekend or Reunion
Staff liaison: Lisa Cania, VP for Community and Employee Relations

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