In Memory

We have received word of the recent passing of these Laurentians, and extend our condolences to their families and friends. Memorial notices for those for whom we receive a published obituary will appear in the "In Memory" section of the St. Lawrence University magazine.

If you would like to report the recent death of a Laurentian, please email a copy of the obituary or a link to the obituary to Alice David at

In Memory
Primary Addressee
Tinga Adiang '20
Mary Ann Devane Allen '78
Lois Lawall-Almeter '56
Don Anderson '55
Helen Benish Anderson '60
MJ Andrews Matrazzo '60
John Austin M'55
Dick Austin '43, P'83
Chris Auty '76, P'15
Ron Bach '55
Ruth Keeler Bahl
Lynda Fowler Bailey
Mary Collins Bailey M'56
Phil Bain M'82
Diane Vanderminden Baker '61
Dick Baldwin '54
William Ballard '59
Gene Balzarini
Theodora Kenny Bamford
Bill Barbour '50, P'95
Scott Barker '84
Ron Bastian '55
Robert Baxter '51
Suzanne Reider Beach
Max Beal '54
Bob Beckerman '71
Kimberly Eady '01
Dick Berguson '47
Ward Bertholf
Jack Birnkammer '51
Alan Bland '70
Wayne Bleau '72
Pete Bloomer '58
Anthony Bolognesi '52
Michael Bolognesi '56
Rene Bouchard M'71
Steve Boynton '82
Francis Branchaud '59
Ned Brewer '61
Josephine Bright M'87
Paul Brouard '52
Constance McGregor Brown '51
Nellie-Lee Brown '60
Bill Brown
Dick Brush '52
Keira Buddo-Larrier '15
Jim Buhrendorf '74
Ben Buongiorno '53
Pat Chester Burd '62, P'06, GP'19, '22
Bob Butchko '60
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