In Memory

We have received word of the recent passing of these Laurentians, and extend our condolences to their families and friends. Memorial notices for those for whom we receive a published obituary will appear in the "In Memory" section of the St. Lawrence University magazine.

If you would like to report the recent death of a Laurentian, please email a copy of the obituary or a link to the obituary to Alice David at

In Memory
Primary Addressee
Tinga Adiang '20
Lee Alexander '59
Mary Ann Devane Allen '78
Don Anderson '55
Helen Benish Anderson '60
John Austin M'55
Chris Auty '76, P'15
Laurie Boldt Baecher '80
Ruth Keeler Bahl
Diane Vanderminden Baker '61
William Ballard '59
Scott Barker '84
Thomas Barstow '61
Robert Baxter '51
Stephen Bell
Ward Bertholf
Alan Bland '70
Lou Merrill Breiling '53
Terry Howard Brennan '50
Paul Brouard '52
Bill Brown
Mary Houwink Browning
David Bruce
Keira Buddo-Larrier '15
Helen Ohrle Calder '51
Dale Cameron M'65
Doug Campbell '60
Anthony Cantore
Marguerite Kramer Case '57
Linda Marlow Castle '59
Jane Castner '68
Stephen Charkow '71
Jack Christensen '18
Carl Cochi '52, P'91, GP'17
Val Coluni '59
Sue Aiken Comstock '59
Dave Cool '55
Carolyn Coolidge '72
Elton Critchlow '56
Peter Croft '61
William Cullen M'52
Tab Currie '78
Kari Volckmann Cusic '66
Karen Willyoung Czeckies
Dominic D'Angelo '68
Kathy Douglass Dailey '71
Robert Daly '54, GP'18
Chapin Darling '54
Mary Lou Horn Davies '58
Nick De Filippis '12
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