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The Office of Annual Giving & Laurentian Engagement is pleased to announce our new Online Laurentian Lecture Series.  Sign up to be "back in the classroom" with today's St. Lawrence faculty members as they lead a "virtual" discussion on an area of their expertise.

Neurocognitive Enhancement - led by Ana Estevez, Associate Professor of Biology and Psychology
April 30, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Neurocognitive enhancement is the use of drugs, without prescription, by healthy individuals to enhance cognitive processes like memory, focus and attention.   It's an increasing issue on college campuses nationwide, with students illegally obtaining Adderall and Ritalin from their friends to do better on papers and exams. However, the issue is not just with students. The high-impact life science journal Nature did an online survey of its readers in 2007 and found that scientists are using these types of drugs to be able to write more grants and get a lot more done in one day. 

What is the mechanism of action of these drugs? Are they effective for the purposes of enhancement? What are some of the safety and ethical issues to consider in approving the non-prescription use of these drugs? Prof. Estevez will address these questions and more in the next installment of the Laurentian Lecture Series. 

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We are pleased to share the audio recordings from past Laurentian Lectures. 

Left-Handedness: Some Interesting Things I’ve Learned after 30 Years of Research
presented by  Dr. Alan Searleman, Charles A. Dana Professor of Psychology
April 9, 2013

Listen to the audio recording. 

Midnight in Paris, Rome and San Francisco:  Woody Allen's Latest Films
presented by Dr. Peter Bailey, Piskor Professor of English
October 30, 2013

Listen to the audio recording.

Deconstructing "Tribe" and the Politics of Ethnicity in Kenya
presented by Dr. Matt Carotenuto, Associate Professor of History
November 19, 2013

Listen to the audio recording.

Bullying-Prevention Programming and the Arts:  Creative Ways to Address the Bullying Epidemic
presented by Professor Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead, Associate Professor and Co-Chair of Performance and Communication Arts
January 14, 2014

Listen to the audio recording.

Global Palestine:  Thinking Beyond Conflict
presented by Dr. John Collins, Professor and Chair of the Global Studies Department
February 19, 2014

Listen to the audio recording.

The Root of All Evil:  How Private Money is Wrecking American Politics
presented by Dr. Fred Exoo, Charles D., Sarah A. & John D. Munsil Professor of Government
March 31, 2014

Listen to the audio recording

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