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12/1 Laurentian Reception in London, England
Primary Addressee
Dasha Alekseeva '19
Suleyka Alonzo
Amelia D. Burkhard
Eveline Carlen '01
Ava Cayer '24
Sourav Choudhary '01
Daniel Covel '22
Julia Curry '24
Ron Feuer '96
Tom Greene
Ellie M. Kapeller
Igor Kurtagic '12
Amy Lovell-Odone '93
Olivia S. May
Sean McCormack '22
Glendalys Medina '24
Charlotte W. Michaud
Elizabeth C. Milde
Kya Monette '24
Dave Murphy
Norbert Oros '20
Brandon J. Reyes
Maura S. Richards
Anna Kate Richardson '24
Becca Riegelhaupt '08
Alexander Root '13
Scott Smith '08
William H. Spicknall
Cal Stief '22
Sarah Strong '19
Ahyoung Sung '18
Davin Sweeney '22
Tanley R. Tibbetts
Georgi Velikov '12
Morgan Welling '23
Skylar C. White
Jeannine Wyman
Pedro Yupa '25
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